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Keeping growing your business from home during life-changing events

The recent events originated from the #COVID19 emergency have had a significant impact on our lives. A lot of businesses had to interrupt their professional activities, especially in Italy and Spain, and uncertainty is growing.

For many people out there, remote working is not an option because they offer specific services that cannot be provided at home.

My goal these days is to provide my clients and potential clients with some options to keep their business growing even though in some cases the workload may be lower. As a translator and copywriter, I know that one of the most effective strategies is the way we communicate and we often rely on good contents to attract our audience. Our digitalized world offers a lot of different opportunities to sell our products/services. Social Media play an important role in our Marketing strategy and each one has its specific purpose.

Things you can do for your business while staying at home

1. Start a new blog or update the one you already have

Blogging is an efficient way to grow your online business through contents. Nevertheless, it is not as easy as it may seem since it is not about putting down the first thoughts coming to your mind. Blogging is part of the content strategy and as such, you need to plan every step. Here are some questions that can help you put up a good plan:

a. Who am I writing for? Who is my audience?

b. Why are my contents interesting/Why are they not interesting?

c. What does my potential reader need?

d. Am I writing for myself or for my reader?

e. Is my content engaging?

f. Is my SEO optimized?

2. Create or update your webpage

It may sound surprising, but I know a lot of people who run a business and still do not have a webpage. A friend of mine once told me that Marketing isn't important at all, but yet she complained about not being able to get good clients. Whatever your business is, I think that having an online professional space is key in order to find customers and allow them to find you. Your webpage is like a showcase: if it is interesting then your potential client might have a look and maybe get in touch with you to get more information.

We're going through a difficult situation so not everyone is able to sell their services as usual. Show your customers that they're not alone by telling them how your services/products can help them during this emergency. Show them your value and how they can handle this situation more easily.

3. Use your time off to learn new things and increase your knowledge on a specific topic

In today's world we have access to a large amount of quality contents. If you're looking to do something productive for yourself and your business, why not taking online classes? We are offered many different options; most of the online webinars are actually free and some of them are very useful. Choose one according to your field of activity or maybe a field of expertise you're interested in and wish to develop. Possibilities are endless!

4. Get in touch with customers you haven't heard of in a while and let them know you're available for business

Don't be spammy though! No one likes to receive unwanted emails asking to buy something.

Just let them know that you're still open for business and ready to accomodate any needs they might have. Here's an example: I also work with translation agencies, some of them only contact me every once in a while asking whether I'm available. The other day I sent an email to one of them telling that despite the current situation, I'm available to take on any urgent request they might have. And guess what? I was assigned a project!

5. Plan, write, develop new ideas

Having a journal can help you. Put down any interesting ideas you might have and figure out how you can develop them into something useful for your business. Share some of your thoughts with your network, discuss and listen to different points of view. Ideas grow out of other ideas so staying open is essential. Make a weekly schedule and find new ways to stay healthy and be productive during these days of isolation.

What are you doing for your business these day?

Comments are highly welcomed!

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